At CNWF we are fueled by the idea that Christ, Commerce and Community are the answer to building a brighter future for all.

Why Christ?

Because people need hope to dream and learning about Christ’s love inspires hope.


Also, because dreams for better communities remain dreams if people aren’t taught to create economic empowerment for themselves and others.


And act on what they know.


“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…”
– 1 John 4:18

Why Commerce?

Small business is the economic engine to any community. Small business sparks innovation and provide opportunity to the residents of the community it is located. Therefore, CNWF believes the secret to building stronger communities is to invest and build stronger small business.


“And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Do Business till I come.”
– Luke 19:13

Why Community?

We define community as common unity. The work of helping people find the hope needed to believe, work and achieve a better tomorrow for their community is hard work. This work can only be done by selfless people who share the belief that they have been blessed to be a blessing to others. As we form a common unity around this thought, we will change the world.


“And I will bless you… so that you will be a blessing.”
– Genesis 12:2

Based on our beliefs CNWF is focused on three Impact areas:

1. Education

2. Edification

3. Economic Development