CNWF grant process occurs throughout the year based on the following opportunities and schedule (subject to change)

Christ, Commerce and Community Grants

At its discretion, the CNWF may award grants and make financial contributions to organizations and individuals through a vetting process of which members of the CNWF Board of Directors and/or CNWF Board of Advisors will engage. Funding priorities that inform these grant decisions are to align with the three Es of Education, Edification, and Economic Development.


In short, we wish to see communities empowered through Christ and Commerce. We invite you to submit your proposal request via the online form below for your opportunity to be considered. Based on data presented in this first step, we will follow up to inform you if there’s alignment with the CNWF mission necessitating continuation of the vetting process. Successful proposals for projects funded by CNWF should be able to clearly demonstrate how the implementation of the initiative that they propose will benefit and amplify Christ, Commerce and/or Community.


Among the elements the committee will consider are: impact, need, ability to implement, sustainability, efficiency, availability of additional funding, ability to be replicated