Mully – changing the world one child at a time.

Carlo, co-founder of the Carlo and Nika White Foundation, spent time this past summer in Kenya at with the Mully Children’s Family. It was an unforgettable experience that marked his heart.


Carlo had the honor of seeing a few of the facilities where the children are housed, deliver bags of food and goats to families in need, share in devotion and prayer time with the kids, break bread with the Mully’s (including delicious meals prepared by Mrs. Mully), and the humbling experience of visiting the slums where yet still many children need to be rescued.

Mully Children’s Family is supported by CNWF and we will continue to do so. We want to give you the opportunity to support this amazing charity, that is literally changing the lives of thousands of children.


When you purchase the movie, Mully, all proceeds will go to support the Mully Children’s Family!